You feel like going to Germany? With WeAupair you will surely find the right host family

You are between 18 and 27 years old and like to spend time with children? And you like to meet young people from all over the world and want to gain new experiences abroad?

Then an au pair stay with WeAupair offers you a low-cost way to come to Germany! For more than 60 years the au pair program has been offering young people the opportunity to live in another country and to get to know the people and the culture.

  • Pocket money: 280 Euro per month
  • Duration: At least 6 months up to a maximum of 12 months, possibly even shorter
  • Language lessons/course: The Host family pays you 50 € per month grant to the language course and the travel costs to the language school (e.g. monthly ticket)
  • Work and leisure: You work a maximum of 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week, you have 1.5 days and 4 evenings/nights off, legal holidays are always off or compensated by additional leisure time
  • Vacation: 2 days per month paid vacation, Sundays are not considered as vacation days
  • Accommodation: You will get your own room, which is furnished, lockable and heated
  • Meals: complimentary meals, also on off days
  • Insurance: The host family pays for your accident, liability and health insurance
  • The placement is complimentary for you
  • Language skills: At least A1, German is the colloquial language in the family
  • Verified experience in dealing with children
  • The visa fee and arrival costs must be paid by yourself
  • Selection of the host family: The WeAupair advisor searches for a suitable family for you in her region and prepares the documents for your visa application
  • Leisure time: The WeAupair advisor organizes regular meetings with excursions in the region to meet other au pairs and to get to know the surrounding area
  • Problems: If you have any problems with the family or if you are looking for a German language course/lessons, your WeAupair advisor supports you. This is all at no cost to you.
  • Send your documents to your WeAupair advisor near your desired location. You can also contact her with your questions.
  • We need the following documents from you: application form, proof of language experience, childcare reference, medical certificate, passport photo, curriculum vitae, copy of your identity card or passport,  photos of you in contact with children, a letter to the host family
  • Soon you will hear from your WeAupair advisor, who will propose a host family to you. You get in touch with the host family and if it fits, you can soon prepare your trip to Germany

Diese Formulare solltest Du uns ausgefüllt per E-Mail zuschicken:

Where do you find your host family and the WeAupair advisor?
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Eine wirklich leckerer vielseitiger international gedeckter Tisch beim Au-pair Brunch.

Stimmen beim Au-pair Brunch in Regensburg:

Angela with children

Als ich mich bei IN VIA für einen Aupair-Aufenthalt beworben habe, musste ich auch an die schöne Zeit bei meinem ersten Au-Pair…


Vom Traum, ein richtiges Weihnachten in Deutschland zu feiern